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Unexpected Health Benefits of Yoga 

Unexpected Health Benefits of Yoga

Yoga for Flexibility

The purpose of yoga poses is to stretch your muscles. When your muscles are stretched, you don’t feel tired and stiff. It doesn’t matter on which yoga level you are, the benefits are felt almost immediately. A study had shown that after eight weeks of practicing yoga, people become 35 % more flexible than before they started.

Strike a Pose for Strength

Power yoga and ashtanga are two of the more physical types of yoga. You can improve your body form if you practice one of these two disciplines. Hatha and Iyengar are not that vigorous types of yoga, but they also provide with higher endurance and more significant strength. You can build upper body strength with poses like an upward dog, plank pose, downward dog, etc. The standing poses help you increase strength in the abs, quadriceps, and hamstrings. Try to hold them for a few long breaths. Nearly all poses build strength in the abdominal muscles if you do them right.

Yoga improves your posture

Your posture becomes better when you are more flexible and stronger. The core muscles are responsible for maintaining and supporting each pose, and you strengthen them with each pose. You will be able to walk “tall” in no time with yoga. Yoga increases body awareness. You will be able to determine if you are doing a pose right or not so you can adjust if necessary.

Breathing benefits

Paying attention to the way you breathe is a part of yoga. Correctly breathing relaxes you. But you will need to learn different techniques.

Remember that if you are not doing intense yoga types, you are not exercising in the same amount as with aerobics, cycling, or running.

Calm and less stress

After a while, you will feel less stressed and more relaxed than usual. Yoga can sometimes involve meditation techniques that quiet and relax the mind. You can achieve that if you focus on your breathing.

Yoga is good for the heart.

It is well known that yoga lowers heart rate and blood pressure. People who’ve had a stroke, heart disease, or high blood pressure can benefit from yoga a lot. Yoga can also improve the function of the immune system, lower the triglyceride and cholesterol levels.

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