How to Plan a trip

How to Plan a trip

When you are looking forward to something good, your body produces the hormone of happiness – dopamine. Take advantage of this. Start planning your trip yourself to get more pleasure from the trip, and at the same time save money and effort.

Start Planning Earlier

Start preparing six months before the trip. Immediately after choosing a country, buy round-trip tickets – this will indicate the limits within which you will plan your trip, and also save money because purchasing tickets in advance is always cheaper.

After that, find out if you need a visa to the country of departure. If necessary, apply for it on the embassy website. Go to the embassy or visa center at the indicated time with all the documents mentioned on the site. Usually, a visa is made from two weeks to a month. When you finish all the tedious bureaucratic procedures, the most exciting part of the preparation will begin.

Explore the country through social networks

Get started by searching for images on a search engine. Enter the name of the state where you plan to go in and search for the social network. Determine which attractions are especially popular and find strange places that not every guide will tell about. Also, watch YouTube videos about the destination.

Read Reviews about the places you Visit

In photos, you may like a beautiful pink water lake or an eco-hotel in the form of a treehouse. Read how to get there and what reviews other travelers have left about the place. Routes can be found online, reviews on TripAdvisor. It may turn out that you have to walk half a day through the wild rain forests to the hotel, and the lake may turn out to be someone’s invention. Calculate your strengths and check the facts.

Find friends in the country you plan to travel

You can use Instagram or Facebook. Or see who is looking for a place to spend the night in your city at CouchSurfing. This is a service for travelers around the world, allowing you to find free accommodation and get to know the locals.

Make a route

Redraw the outline of the country in a notebook, mark the planned places of Visit. It will become more clear how to build a path.

Many travelers use a similar method. I don’t know how else to explain that from city to city we always meet friends from the beginning of the journey. Communicating and sharing routes, we still find out that we have the same plans. The main goal of such tricks is to most efficiently build a route, spending less time and money on the way.

Take care of domestic movements

Explore the transport on which you will move between points on the map. Usually, it’s enough to search in the search engine the name of the country and your chosen method of transportation: train, bus, plane, rented car, and others.

Buy tickets in advance. If you do not want to buy in advance, find out and write down how and where to do it when you arrive in the country.

Make your guide

Gather all the knowledge about the country and your route in the guidebook. You can colorize it, paste rich illustrations, write down all the necessary information and even basic phrases in the local language.

I always do this when preparing for a trip. My guidebook always has all the key places to visit, addresses, phone numbers, and essential information.

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